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Aspirational Wellness Plan

Wellness Studio In Cranberry Township

The Wellness Studio is located within our medical facility and open to everyone, even those who are not medical patients at Aspirational Health.

We offer a range of activities and create customized offerings that support your optimal health and well-being. We are pleased to offer our signature Aspirational Wellness Plan that offers consistency, accountability, and financial value through a personalized plan that includes one-on-one reiki therapy or yoga therapy sessions combined with individualized coaching and monitoring.


Personalized Wellness Plan
HSA accounts are accepted


Aspirational Wellness Plan

Our personalized plan focused on your unique health and wellness goals through consistency, empowerment, accountability, and value.

  • Five 60-minute sessions (Yoga Therapy or Reiki, can mix & match)
  • Sessions scheduled at your pace, supportive of your unique goals (to be used within four months of purchase)
  • $425 (paid in full, or payment plans available upon request)
  • Can utilize HSA to purchase

Aspirational Health Wellness Plan Terms & Conditions

  • Fees are due before or at the time of service and are subject to change. They can be paid by credit card, personal check, or Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) cards. Please provide a 24-hour notice if you need to cancel or reschedule, if possible.
  • No transferring the Plan to other clients
  • No Plan refunds / cancellations
  • Please book sessions at least 1 week in advance to help ensure wellness provider availability
  • 24-hour notice to cancel sessions, please
  • Responsibility for meeting goals and creating change is with the client

Learn About Our Wellness Offerings

Cranberry Reiki Therapy

Reiki Therapy

Reiki Therapy is a holistic approach to optimize both mind and body with energetic healing and alignment.

One on one Yoga Therapy in Mars, PA

Yoga Therapy

One on one personalized yoga training to balance your body and mind.

Complimentary Consultations:

Schedule a complimentary consultation to explore our Wellness Program and discover how it can elevate your holistic health and well-being. Ready to learn more? Call the office (724) 276-5888 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Julie Klasen Yoga Instructor Mars PA

Julie Klasen, Yoga Therapist

Julie shares yoga as a way of life that promotes ease and optimal well-being. Yoga includes physical poses and movement, breathing techniques, meditation, relaxation, and so much more. Through her own dedicated yoga practice, Julie continues to develop greater patience, physical strength and mobility, resilience, and sense of peace.

Julie is an educator with diverse experience in preK-12, nonprofit, and corporate settings. Her passion evolved into teaching yoga, and she is a trauma-informed registered yoga teacher with extensive training in Comprehensive Yoga Therapy. She has a special interest in sharing tools of yoga to support and empower people living with cancer or other health challenges find some ease.

Kile Reynolds, Reiki Master Practitioner

Welcome to the world of healing! I’m Kile Reynolds, a passionate and dedicated Reiki Master Practitioner on a lifelong journey of empowering others through the transformative power of Reiki. My story began with a deep curiosity about the inner realms and energy centers of the body, leading me to explore meditation and eventually discover the profound practice of Reiki.

Kile Reynolds Mars Reiki Practitioner