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Drive Through Medical Check-In

Our Vision: To have high-quality healthcare easily available to all.

Our mission is to deliver integrated health care with ease of access, superior patient experience and to enhance our patients’ lifestyle and well-being.

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Aspirational Health Primary Care Cranberry & Mars

Providing Personalized And Attentive Care

Our team of board certified, experienced health practitioners will deliver skillful, attentive and compassionate care.

Drive Through Medical Care Cranberry Urgent Care

The First Drive Through Medical Center

Experience the first drive-through health center, not having a waiting room means you can drive-in for your health care at your convenience.

Enhanced Well-Being

Health care teams will get to know you as a whole-person and partner with you to enhance your health and well-being.

Your Partner In Health

As a partnership, we will develop a care plan that integrates all important principals of healthy living.

Medical Doctor Examining Patient

What Aspirational Health Client’s Are Saying?

Hi my name is Cindy and I’m a client at Aspirational Health and Wellness. Since they opened their doors last year I was desperately seeking a primary care physician and team of professionals that I could come to to oversee my entire health issues. All my specialists, all my daily needs, emergency needs, when I get sick and just want someone to listen to my lungs and I found it in Aspirational Health.

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Aspirational Health Services

Primary Care In Cranberry PA

Primary Care Medicine

Our Primary care providers will manage your health needs with wellness exams, preventative care, chronic condition management, follow up care and coordination.

Physical Exams

We provide physical exams for sports, school, DMV, pre-employment physicals for occupational health and executive physicals for corporate clients.

Same Day Urgent Care Exam Room In Cranberry

Same Day Urgent Care

With our same-day urgent care, you will be seen by a medical professional who can carefully evaluate your urgent concerns and prescribe a treatment plan.

Labs and Testing

We facilitate lab and special imaging testing as part of your overall health management. We provide point-of-care testing that assists with urgent care assessment and treatment.

COVID-19 Care

COVID-19 care includes assessment for symptoms or exposure. We develop an appropriate treatment with shared decision making based on the most current guidelines.

Corporate Health

We provide comprehensive healthcare for corporate clients. Our  focus is on health & wellness programs with an integrated team based approach.

Screening & Vaccinations

We provide pertinent screening and vaccination consultations and will coordinate appropriate testing sites for completion of your screenings and vaccinations.

Cranberry Wellness Center

Wellness Care

We provide an integrated approach to wellness including fitness training, resistance training, stretching, yoga, nutritional counseling, mental health counseling and health education.