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Aspirational Wellness Plan

Tobacco Cessation Consultation

Smoking is independently one of the leading causes of many diseases including heart disease, lung disease and cancers.
Quit Smoking - Treatment for smoking cessation

Smoking Cessation

Smoking can result in nicotine dependance which makes it very challenging for smokers to quit smoking.

Quitting smoking has immediate benefits of both men and women of all ages

Smoking Cessation Consultation at Aspirational Health Includes:

  1. A respectful, confidential professional meeting where your provider will review your full medical history and smoking history and understand the full spectrum of smoking effects on your health.

  3. Review of all preventative measures to ensure that you stay in the best health which may include screening measures and immunizations for pneumonia and influenza.

  5. Determination of a smoking quit date based on factors that will have the highest success for you to quit smoking.

  7. Review of all the support measures that you can access to make quitting most successful and prevent relapse.

  9. Discussion and choosing the best medications and nicotine substitutes that can give you the best chance at quitting and preventing relapse.

  11. Attentive follow up to ensure the best chances at preventing relapse,