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November 2022

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Aspirational Health October 2022 Updates

By: Nikhil Asher M.D. | October 2022

As we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday season, we’d like to express our thanks to you for being our partner in health and wellness. We consider It our privilege to get to know you as a whole person and work as a team to address the full spectrum of your health needs.

Aspirational Health is a vibrant health community where you can expect ease of access, good communication, high-quality medical decision making, active engagement with our multidisciplinary team to address aspects of nutrition, exercise and mental health, and a host of community-based programs that can bring participants together for social engagements to enhance health and wellbeing.

Here are some updates for November:

1) We have received the allocation of the Bivalent COVID19 Pfizer booster vaccine from the State.

In fall 2022, CDC recommended a bivalent mRNA COVID-19 vaccine booster dose for persons aged ≥5 years, administered ≥2 months after completing the primary series or after receipt of a monovalent booster dose.

Have more questions about the COVID19 Bivalent Booster?
You are strongly recommended to refer to:

Call the office to make an appointment to schedule the booster vaccine at 724-276-5888. If further questions, please call or message the office.

2) If you have not signed up for the Patient Portal, please do as soon as possible. Please call Jessica at 724-276-5888 to receive your Portal Keycode for initial access to the Patient Portal. The patient Portal is the best means to communicate with the office and is preferred over voicemails for questions or refill questions as your provider is informed immediately when the Portal message is received. The Portal also maintains appropriate HIPPA privacy when sharing protected health information.

3) We are currently seeing high rates of respiratory infections including Influenza A and B, Strep Throats and Sinusitis. At Aspirational Health, we assure you of same day care for any urgent conditions so that your provider can assess your specific symptoms, provide appropriate point of care testing, and discuss appropriate treatment options including fever treatment, improving dehydration, and treatment with antivirals and/or antibiotics as clinically appropriate. Early diagnosis and specific treatment can reduce disease symptoms and severity and reduce your time off from productive work. If you have not received your influenza shot for this year, please plan to do so as soon as possible. Flu shot available at the clinic on same day appointments. You are welcome to use our Drive-Through for same-day care during office hours.

Wellness Programs:

Thank you for your feedback to enhance Aspirational Wellness Care. Several of our patients have met our wellness instructors and benefitted from integrated services which have included registered dietician consults, mental health counselling, yoga therapy and exercise classes.

The goal of our wellness services is to help improve and facilitate a well-rounded approach to health optimization. Long term health outcomes are significantly improved with an enhanced focus on nutrition, exercise, and optimal mental health.

Based on the feedback received to minimize out of pocket costs for our clients, our final payment model for wellness services will be as follows:
Effective Dec 1st, 2022:

Registered Dietician Consults and Follow up Visits will be billable to insurance. Most major insurance plans cover dietician consults. We will bill your insurance company for dietician consults in a similar way as your medical appointments billing. Co-insurance and deductible will apply based on your specific health insurance plan.

Behavioral Health Counselling:

All counselling sessions will be billable to insurance. Most major insurance plans cover counselling sessions. Co-insurance and deductible will apply based on your specific insurance plans.


Yoga sessions are on a direct-pay basis. First time yoga consult will be free and include an interview, physical assessment, and development of a yoga therapy goal include teaching home-based yoga therapies.

One-to-one yoga therapy is offered to all our patients and will cost $30 for a one-hour class. If you have never been performed yoga, this would be a great session to introduce you to the benefits of yoga-based exercise, balancing and stretching and help improve function, physical health, and mental wellbeing.


First time consultations with our exercise specialist is free of cost and includes a personal interview, physical assessment and development of an exercise therapy goal including teaching of home-based exercise plans.

One-to-one exercise sessions will cost $30 for a one-hour class. One-on-one sessions will help provide a supervised instruction for exercise, enhance endurance and strength, and maintain accountability goals to improve long term health.

All wellness programs can be booked online on our website. If you prefer any specific dates and times not offered on the website, please call the office, and discuss scheduling options.

Community Based Free Open-to-all Programs:

Please join us for Gentle Flow Yoga and Candlelight Gazing Meditation on Dec 7th at 7PM. Enjoy musical accompaniments with singing bowls. Have a relaxing evening and come meet some community members. RSVP on Facebook Invite or call office at 724-276-5888 to RSVP

Holiday Hours:

The office will be closed on Dec 24th, 25th and 26th. If any refills or clinical questions, please contact the office prior to the holiday to allow adequate time to address your question.

Office and urgent care hours are Mon to Fri 8am to 4pm and Sat 8am to 12pm.

Social Media:

You are highly encouraged to follow us on social media on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for latest information, photos, and community events. Please like and follow the Aspirational Health page.

Also, if you have not left us a Google review, we would most certainly appreciate a review of our facility, staff, and services. This helps us tremendously to share information of our facility and services.