Medical Discussion: Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Awareness A Discussion About Breast Cancer & Womens’ Health

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Join Renu Joshi, MD MBA and Nikhil R Asher MD, MBA for a discussion on breast cancer. We discuss why breast cancer awareness is such an important part of our mission to provide comprehensive prevention-based care.

Here are the most important take home messages:
Breast Cancer is one of the most prevalent cancer in the world affecting many women all over the world.
• All women beyond a certain age have some degree of inherent risk for breast cancer.
• Effective screening measures exist that can help detect cancers are very early stages.
• Early detection improves long term outcomes significantly for quality of life and survival.
• Prevention based care is the foundation of good long-term health and is a critical part of a trusting doctor-patient relationship.

Joshi Womencare
Renu Joshi, MD MBA
Minimally Invasive Surgeon