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The Seven Keys to Longevity

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In this podcast our multidisciplinary team discusses the seven tips for healthy living as mentioned in the article “The Seven Keys to Longevity” featured in The New York Times.

  1. Move More.
  2. Eat more fruits and vegetables.
  3. Get enough sleep.
  4. Don’t smoke and don’t drink too much either.
  5. Manage your chronic conditions.
  6. Prioritize your relationships.
  7. Cultivate a positive mind-set.

Our integrated health and wellness offerings at Aspirational Health embody these keys to longevity. Offering: Integrated Primary Care Medical Nutrition Physical Fitness Reiki Therapy Yoga Yoga Therapy Ready to get started on, or enhance, your wellness journey? Contact us to schedule your next appointment or session with the medical team, nutritionist or wellness team.

Podcast Featuring:

  • Nikhil R Asher, MD, MBA and Owner of Aspirational Health
  • Julie Klasen, Yoga Therapist & Wellness Program Manager
  • Hailey Corton, Wellness Ambassador
  • Susan Adamczyk, Registered Dietician, MHMS RD LDN CDCES

Article: The 7 Keys to Living Longer and Healthier – The New York Times (