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Mars Primary Care Physician Review: Cindy

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Mars Primary Care Physician Patient Testimonial

Cindy | February 2023

Hi my name is Cindy and I’m a client at Aspirational Health and Wellness. Since they opened their doors last year I was desperately seeking a primary care physician and team of professionals that I could come to to oversee my entire health issues. All my specialists, all my daily needs, emergency needs, when I get sick and just want someone to listen to my lungs and I found it in Aspirational Health.

Their team is fabulous and I love each and every one of them. In addition I was offered counseling by a nutritionist and I work with her to better prepare my evening meals to make them a little bit healthier with a little bit less fat and that was a valuable tool that they offer as well. I also was able to take fitness classes with Karin.

Karin is wonderful. First time I met her I told her; now I have arthritis and I have artificial joints and I can’t do this and I can’t do that but Karin was able to make a physical fitness plan that worked for me that I really enjoy and included some chair exercises as well and every time I leave I always feel a 10 times better than when I walked in and all my doctors have always told me that physical fitness and staying active is what’s good for your body especially as you age and i found that the program they offer here with Karin has been absolutely wonderful I can’t say enough in today’s day and age as we all struggle with healthcare and getting in to see the doctor and waiting for 6 months I found what we need here in western PA and it’s this approach through Aspirational Health and Wellness where they oversee and take care of all of your and work with you in every aspect of your life and it’s a wonderful practice and i highly recommend that you’ll love each and every one of the members on the team.