The Aspirational Health Wellness Studio

The Aspirational Health Wellness Studio is located within the medical premises providing easy access for our patients to receive all the wellness services within the same premises. Our studio facilitates optimal integration of wellness services with our medical care and enables all professionals to collaborate to develop and curate programs benefitting our patients.

Aspirational Health Services

Cranberry Nutritionist & Dietician

Nutrition Management

Cranberry Yoga Studio

Yoga Therapy

cardiovascular health

Physical Fitness

Next Level Physical Therapy Cranberry

Physical Therapy

What Are The Fees For The Aspirational Health Programs:

$30 per 1 hr. class per person. Payable at time of the session.

Physical Fitness:
$30 per 1 hr. personal instruction class. Payable at the time of the session.

Physical Therapy
Billed by Next Level Spine to Insurance. Please call 724) 719-2900

Medical Nutrition Counselling:
Billable to insurance. Co-insurance and deductibles may apply.

If Medical Nutrition Management not covered by insurance or if patient requesting direct pay services, fees are $85 for nutrition counselling consult.

FAQs about the Aspirational Health Wellness Program

What are the fees for the program?

$30 per 1 hr. class per person. Payable at time of the session.

One-on-One Personal Instruction:  $30 per 1 hr. class

Nutrition Counselling:
Billable to insurance. Co-insurance and deductibles may apply.

Behavioral Health Counselling:
Billable to insurance. Co-insurance and deductibles may apply.

What Are The Objectives Of The Aspirational Health Wellness Program?

Aspirational Health Wellness is an integrated approach to managing primary care by a multidisciplinary team of professionals dedicated to treating the “whole patient’. Our focus is to have a multi-dimensional approach to disease prevention and health improvement within a pro-active and positive primary care clinic setting. Our team forges a strong partnership with our clients so health goals can be achievable in a trusting and accountable manner.

How Is The Aspirational Health Wellness Program Different From A Gym, Health Club or Community Center Wellness Program?

Our approach is on integrating primary care management with wellness because a large aspect of the conditions managed in primary care such as heart disease, diabetes, weight management, abnormal lipids, liver disease are influenced by lifestyle and nutrition decisions and our goal is to have an expanded team of professionals working within the primary care office setting that can collaborate and deliver a well-coordinated team-based approach. We find that patients who have a trusting relationship with their PCP clinic are more likely to engage frequently with health improvement goals and delay the onset of medications and medical procedures. Our wellness program is firmly rooted within our PCP practice and offers an easy, one-stop approach to overall health improvement. 

What Are The Services Available For Mental Health?

Mental health management is one of the most frequent reasons patients seek PCP care  including care for depression, anxiety, PTSD, eating disorders and grief. We recognize the pivotal role of a PCP clinic to provide a strong foundational support for patients to seek mental health services. A PCP is the first point of contact and is a trusting provider who listens to all concerns and works in partnership to develop a plan of care that optimizes mental health support. In that context, our wellness program instructors firmly integrate mind and body practices in all aspects of wellness including diet, exercise, yoga, and meditation. 

Our near-term goal is to have licensed behavioral health counselors on staff who can provide professional counselling services in collaboration with the medical care. 

We also coordinate care with behavioral health practices, psychiatry clinics and clinical psychology practices for referrals and care coordination. 

Do I Have To Be A PCP Patient At Aspirational Health To Receive Wellness Services?

Since our wellness program is an integrated health approach, you have to be our primary care patient to enroll in the Aspirational Health Wellness program.

If you are healthy and do not have any specific health concerns, you can make an appointment for an annual physical to establish care as a new patient.

Once you have established care as a new patient, you will have access to all our on-site wellness programs. 

What Are The Future Services For The Wellness Program?

We are keenly listening to our clients for feedback on future wellness services that would benefit overall wellbeing.  Medical cosmetology is an area we are actively exploring for many of our clients. If you have suggestions or feedback, please email us at or come by our office and meet our medical staff!

Our Aspirational Wellness Program is lead by expert wellness instructors who will work closely with the medical staff in curating and facilitating programs